Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vinyl Toy Design Redo. Theme: Soviet

Vinyl Toy Design. Theme: Disturbed Circus

"I'm a firestarter, twisted firestarter!"

Imaginary Friend

Composition project for drawing for animation class. Little Matt never got much sleep at night, and his parents could never quite figure out why...

Tree Crabs of the Lonesome Forest

a design project for drawing for animation class. These massive, solitary creatures lead entirely monotonous lives. They hardly move, much less interact with one another (except to breed); however, they act as home for hundreds of other high-altitude creatures.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Enterprise E build: Underside of primary hull

 Here we've started production on a 7' Enterprise-E. This will be the underside of the primary hull.
 Here it's been assembled and primed.

Enterprise D (movie version) build: Final shots

 It's beautiful to see something you've worked on come together... You can eve see the stand I built in this photo as well!

 Look closely and you can see the stand.

Enterprise D (movie version) build: Paint prep

 Placing down stencils for color seperation

Enterprise D (movie version) build: Custom nacelle modification 3

 Here are the finished engines ready to be placed on the model. They've been painted by my co-worker Kurt

Enterprise D (movie version) build: Custom nacelle modification 2

Here I've prepared all the internal lighting of the engines, otherwise known as nacelles. Wiring and fiber optics have been considered for optimal accessibility. Fiber optics have been given guide tubes to aid in running the fiber.  All corruptible electronics are placed on removable electronic tray which is attached to the back of the engine's nose (painted black in this photo)

Enterprise D (movie version) build: Custom nacelle modification

These nacelles were originally modeled after the "Next Generation" version of the Enterprise-D. We needed to build a Movie version of the Enterprise-D which called for some small adjustments to be made. Here I have cut a rectangular hole in the back of the nacelle which is now backed by a recessed plate. I also scratch built these detail pieces which fit on top of the recession.

model work: Battlestar Galactica - on display at the Seattle Science Fiction Museuem

Model work: Battlestar Galactica (Atlantia) - Finished and ready to be delivered!

Model work: Battlestar Galactica (Atlantia) - Scale Viper Build

I decided the ship wouldn't be complete without a few scale vipers. The original, I scratch built from styrene strip and these copies are cast with urethane. My brother Mike, painted this batch and set up their armatures for launch.

Model work: Battlestar Galactica (Atlantia) - Prepping and installing of Fiber Optics